Monday, December 27, 2010

The lonely horse

I have been living in the vicinity of Bangi old town over a year now. Every time I went out using this old road I met this lonely horse grazing the grass along that lonely strech of road. It always struck me of how cruel human being can be just breeding a single horse without its companion. It is over a year now, I always saw this lonely horse idling away with its broken heart.

I have always wanted to see the owner of this poor horse and to remind him of the injustice he has done towards this beautiful animal. Everyone using this road will never miss this sorry sight with the same thoughts as mine, that is the poor horse needs a companion.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


A few days ago I tried to make doughnuts. Everything went on fine except that, the flour-mixture was always sticky. Definitely I had to add in more flour to make it easier to mold in my hands. Finally it came out as I wanted it to be and had 10 doughnuts ready to be fried.

I fried the doughnuts. Looked so nice in the pan but after all done and fully cooked, then I only realised that the doughnuts were as stiff as stones. Since it was useless to eat, I just threw it away outside the window. No doughnuts for me, might as well buy from the shop.

About a few minutes after throwing them out, I happened to look outside. Then I saw this beautiful squirrel eating my useless doughnuts!

Well, at least my effort didnt go to waste. And thank you mister squirrel for appreciating my effort. And of course, I tried making the doughnuts for the second time after that and this time it came out so good and no need to share with my little friend anymore.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The monitor lizard or goanna

Just recently I went to Langkawi Island for a weekend holiday. Rented a chalet at the Berjaya Beach Resort at the western coast of the island called Teluk Burau. The resort was indeed a lovely place to stay, full of greens and fresh air and the view of the sea from our chalet were astoundingly beautiful.

We passed our time simply lazing around and bathing. The beach was beautiful and also the hotel's pool gave us blissful comfort to have long hours of bathing. In between the bath, I managed to scout around and have a leisurely walk by the beach. Then suddenly I saw this big lizard just withdrawing from the bins where the left-overs were kept from the previous night party. The big reptile saw me and it made an immediate withdrawal from its feed.

It was a big one, about 4 feet long and could easily weighed about 50kgs. I spent some time watching the reptile and likewise the reptile also was watching me. Indirectly hinting me to move on so that it can continue with its meal.

And of course these are the chalets!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was cutting the overgrown grass in front of my house when suddenly there was a downpour. I rushed for cover and immediately folowed by much noisier sound when the rain hit the roof of my house. Then only I realised it was hailstones that came from the sky.

I saw on the grass a few pebble-like ice as big as my thumb-nail scattered on the grass. I picked up a few stones and it was ice alright. That was my first experience seeing a hailstones rain right infront of my eyes. Amazed with the findings, I rushed to fetch my camera and managed to get a few shots which I belive not as good as it should be.

This happened in the afternoon sometime around 3 pm about a year ago.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple-like fruits

This apple-like fruits is called 'kelepung' in Malay. I managed to get a few shots as I was parking my car somewhere near Plaza Pekeliling in K.Lumpur. These fruits are normally favourites to the birds but then when I was younger I used to take these fruits also for food. That was sometime about twenty years ago when we were short of food in the jungle. The jungle variety is bigger in size, and we used to pluck the green fruits and boil it first. Although it tasted bitter (kelat) but anyway they really served the purpose to fill up our tummies!

Looking at these fruits make me wonder whether they are cousins to the apple. I have planted two apple trees in my house compound, and now they are about 6 years old. They grew very well but yet to see them bearing any fruits at all even the trees are about 15 feet tall now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wild Mushrooms

These are some wild mushrooms found as I walked my way down to the Water Falls in Frasers Hill. I found it very beautiful to look at and thought of sharing it with my friends. Nice to look at but sad to say I havent a clue of what genus/species they are.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Green Pigeon

I was trying to get a clean shot of this pair of green pigeon feeding on the 'ciku' fruits behind my sister's house in Ipoh. My effort proved to be futile, since these birds were so jittery and unsecure, especially in this populated area. Well, maybe there is some other time!